Investing in uST technology is a unique chance to become a part of the project that will change the whole world!

You can become a co-owner of a technology that is already valued by independent experts at over $400 billion today

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If you, as a reasonable and pragmatic person invest money in the development of uST technology today, tomorrow you can become a co-owner of a huge transport corporation, which can occupy 50% of the world transport market.

And it's quite real! Such prospects will open up for you

thanks to uST technology!

400 000 000 000 dollars — evaluation of uST technology by independent

Over 400,000 specialists, professionals and ordinary people have already become co-owners of uST technology

Dividends on sales — You can earn profits from each implemented string transport project accordingly to the number of your portions in the company.

100% safe alternative to all known and alternative modes of transport

Ten times more efficient than any modern transport system

The speed at which uST vehicles will be able to transport passengers and cargo – up to 500 kilometres per hour

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Feedback from private co-owners

Alexander Mosin

Interview with an American financial expert

Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov

Viktor Tarasov, professional trader

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D.A. Medvedev.

Sky Way — real revolution in the world of transport

uST - high-speed string transport technology

It resembles a railway to some extent, because our transport also moves on rails. Except that these rails, like strings, are tensioned in the air between special supports, and the speed of movement along them reaches 500 kilometres per hour.

uST technology can solve any, even the most complex transport tasks

Without destroying the environment, for affordable money,
with a tenfold safety margin, low cost of erection and operation,
with high speeds and absolute safety.

Versatile technology

Allows to create passenger, freight, intracity and intercity transport services

Approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
has officially recognised the uST technology:

  1. Innovative Read the conclusion
  2. Perspective Read the conclusion

You too can join the hundreds of thousands of co-owners of uST technology

Become a co-owner of technology worth

Types of uST transport

Light transport

  • up to 120 km/h
  • Combines the features of transport system and sports and entertainment facility.

High-speed passenger intercity

  • Up to 500 km/h
  • From 200,000 passengers/day
  • 20 times cheaper and 5 times more efficient than high-speed railway
  • The cost of travel is 7 times cheaper

Urban passenger transport

  • Up to 150 km/h
  • From 20,000 passengers/hour
  • 50 times cheaper than the underground
  • Travel cost is 3 times cheaper

Freight Mounted Transport

  • For transporting bulk goods with high capacity
  • Up to 200 million tons per year
  • 2 times cheaper than an industrial conveyor belt
  • Power consumption 5 times less
  • Cost of transportation 3 times less

Freight suspended transport

  • Up to 50 km/h
  • Carrying capacity of rolling stock — up to 10,000 tonnes
  • The cost of freight transportation is 2 times lower than on the railways
  • Freight traffic volume — up to 250 million tonnes per year

6 reasons why uST transport is the future!

Traffic decrease

String transport is a second tier transport and does not interfere with cars, relieving the burden of conventional roads. At the same time, the technology allows to get to any part of the city quickly, at speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour.


The special design feature eliminates the possibility of the rolling stock running off the track.

Speed and economy

2-3 times cheaper than conventional roads, 8-10 times cheaper than high-speed railways and highways. uST transport is only a 1.5 hour journey from St Petersburg to Moscow.


The ride on a string vehicle is comfortable and quiet – no wobbling sound or engine noise.


One of the features of uST technology is that placing the road above ground allows transport infrastructure to be built where it is simply impossible today. For example, in a tropical jungle, in the ocean, in the middle of a desert, or in the far north.

Saving resources

When building using uST technology, resource savings compared to traditional transport solutions amount to: 270 billion tons of steel, 2.7 trillion tons of reinforced concrete. In addition, string transport saves mankind more than 300 billion tonnes of fuel.

Sky Way:

  • The technology development
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • Demonstration
    and certification
  • Technology implementation

The implementation of the technology is divided into 15 stages

The current stage of development:: 14

  • Number of portions available for purchase at the fifteenth stage: 2 000 000 000

Development chronology

Stage 14

We continue the construction of the uSky Testing and Certification Centre in Sharjah. We continue to work on establishing the holding company's production bases around the world. We work with customers of targeted projects of freight, urban and high-speed international transport systems using uST technology.

Stage 13

We continue with the construction of the uSky Testing and Certification Centre in Sharjah, which will demonstrate freight and passenger vehicle tracks. We prepare string transport for operation in tropical climates. We are developing new models of rolling stock. We are expanding our production facilities. We are completing the construction of a freight transport complex in EcoTechnoPark.

Stage 12

We continue to work with customers and suppliers of equipment, components, assemblies and units to establish pilot ("EcoTechnoPark") and production ("Unibus") holding bases with three SW-systems test sites. We work with customers from all over the world on targeted projects, and work on provisional contracts and receiving pre-orders and advance payments on these orders.

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How to you become a co-owner?

  1. Sign up and get
    a special offer!

  2. Choose a package that suits your budget

  3. You complete the procedure and receive a certificate confirming your inclusion in the register of co-owners of the company

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Comparison of profitability Start-ups and other methods
of support

Bank deposit Profit:
Investment fund, mutual fund,
trust management
Start Up Profit:
over 1000
* In case of successfully entering the global market and building roads all over the world. Profitability is estimated and not guaranteed.

2 more reasons support the project right now

  1. Affordable
    "admission ticket"

    Right now, you can invest in uST at an excellent discount of up to 57 times. But with each stage, the profitability of the investment decreases.

  2. Current
    15.1 stage

    14 development stages out of the 15 have been completed. Along with the transfer to Stage 15, the discount on financial offerings has also decreased.

So the sooner you become a uST co-owner,
the more beneficial it will be for you.

You too can join the hundreds of thousands of co-owners of uST technology

Become a co-owner of technology worth

creator of uST technology

Anatoli Eduardovich Unitsky
  • Russian scientist, inventor and entrepreneur
  • Author and general designer of the string technology
  • Head of two United Nations projects
  • Member of the USSR Cosmonautics Federation
  • Author of more than 140 inventions
  • Author of more than 18 monographs and more than 200 scientific papers
  • President of uST Group of Companies

Design company

more than 1,000 designers - a true intellectual elite, which is the heart of uST technology. All of them work in our central design office in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
And it all started with a few people.

Why do we raise financing?

Every amount invested in the string transport project serves as a crucial element in the construction of the EcoTechnoPark and ensures timely funding for each stage of construction.

Timely financing will make it possible to complete the construction of the EcoTechnoPark and certify freight, passenger and high-speed transport capable of reaching speeds of up to 500 km/h.

After the certification of the transport, the fulfillment of orders according to preliminary agreements, receipt of income and payment of dividends will begin.

Questions that are frequently asked by our co-owners

When will you go public?
The company will go public once Stage 15 is completed and the first commercial contracts are concluded.
When will I make my first profit?
You can start earning once the company goes public and starts making a profit. According to the dividend policy of the company, which owns the rights to the uST technology, at least 20% of the profit will go to the payment of dividends to co-owners.
Is there any sense in my $100 investment?
Sky World Community works under the programme of crowdfunding, so that even small investments are of great importance for the project. Each investment, even a minimal one, has an impact on the total amount required to implement the project.
Why are you registered in the UK?
British financial law protects the interests of the co-owner better than any other.
Can portions be inherited?
Yes! The portions are your property. Just like a flat or a car. There are certain documents that prove this ownership. And like any other property, you can hand down uST portions without any difficulties.
Is there a guarantee that the project will end successfully?
No project at the stage of fundraising gives guarantees of market entry. There are two indicators by which the potential success of any project is measured: its results and the market's interest in those results. For 2020 the main results of the Project are: Functioning string transport test centre in Maryina Gorka, Belarus, on an area of 36 hectares; 11 tested modes of transport and 4 types of string tracks up to 4 km long; uSky Test and Certification Centre under construction in Sharjah, UAE, with an area of 28 hectares; Approved project for the construction of a 15 km uST track in the UAE's largest city, Dubai;

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